Yarn Care



All our wools are listed as hand-wash only, we tried using the machine once... it didn’t end well, the cat now has a lovely blanket. 


We suggest a good quality hand-wash detergent like Eucalan (as it doesn’t require rinsing) but something like Persil Silk & Wool or woolite will do the job just fine.


Fill a washing up bowl with tepid water, add your detergent, pop in your item, gently squeeze and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse if necessary. Lay flat on a towel, roll up to remove excess water and leave somewhere flat to dry. Using fabric conditioner isn’t recommended as it can cause a colour discharge.  


We go to great lengths to make sure you experience no colour discharge from your yarns. We do not want you adding a beautifully finished garment into the washing to find the cream you have also used suddenly turns a different colour! After hand-painting, I steam the yarns at the maximum heat, not to cause damage to the fibre and for a prolonged period of time; this keeps the Yarn beautiful and makes sure the colour sets properly.

Once they have been allowed to cool to room temperature in their own time, I rinse using Synthrapol which is a specialist product designed to prevent this very thing. Sometimes especially with darker colours there will be some discharge when you wash, this might be the type of detergent, use of fabric conditioner or the water is too hot. It is not a cause for concern as the colour has been set properly through that very long steam process. Just please please please if you have a mixed garment with hand-dye Yarn and a lighter colour Yarn do not use fabric conditioner :) it is the biggest cause of colour discharge.

Always take extra care with Red and Deep Blues


If you ever any problems, please reach out straight away as we will do everything we can to help, and if something does go awry whilst your washing we will always help as much as we can.