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We keep everything crossed they will arrive by Tuesday of next week, but everything that could go wrong has indeed gone wrong.

In the unfortunate event they arrive after the 1st December we sincerely apologise, it’s been a very hard year for me personally with 4 months of repeat infections, with these advents we have had serious supply chain issues - cardboard, yarn, packaging. This caused an increase in costs of materials. people not paying their subscriptions caused time chasing, the great British weather and me. As a person I’ve been very unwell and as a result I have failed to meet the deadlines I set myself. This year will be my last year of advents in this format as all of the above made the advents challenging near impossible this year. It is actually quite a miracle they exist at all.

But they do!

The yarn itself is fantastic quality and the absolute best we could get! The colours are bright, beautiful and colours I love I hope you love the colours as much as I do.

Please remember our advents never come with extras although in the past we have added them.

These advents do not include extras - with free delivery, free payment plan and all of our costs increasing we focused on the yarn which should always be the star! It is. It is beautiful and I cannot wait to start using it.

There will be some spares available from early December should you wish to purchase spares, these will not be in an advent box or wrapped individually - please click on the box below in the second week of December x

Thank you to everyone who has purchased an advent we are sorry that things have gone so horribly wrong with them this year.

Happy Christmas

Lisa x



A one person, award winning luxury hand-dyed yarn company, proud to be the winner of the best new business category in the 2020 British Knitting & Crochet Awards.

Along with the Highly Commended awards in both Best Independent Yarn Company & Best Independent Dyer

Everything is done by one person using slow processes to ensure the highest quality. We hope you enjoy your yarn as much as we enjoy making it for you.

Take time to enjoy the beauty in things around you and enjoy the process of using beautiful yarn for your project

If you need help

Contact us by email on

We shall be taking a long break over Christmas. We shall close at noon on Friday 10th December and not open again until 1st February 2022

Clubs however will still be sent as normal in December & January ♥️