Yarn Bases



Our wools are made only from Baby Alpaca fleece our supplier has access to the finest fibre commercially available

Baby alpaca is a lustrous and silky natural fibre that is soft and luxurious. It is warmer than wool, not prickly, and bears no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic.

It makes amazing blankets, in 4ply whilst light are incredibly cosy. 



We have a variety of 100% Baby Alpaca blends, Baby Alpaca with cashmere or silk is the most wonderful thing, silk adds a lovely lustre and cashmere just oozes luxury.



Spun from 100% superfine alpaca, beautifully soft. Mixed with wool it becomes a little bit more of a heavier yarn. Our 4PLY Alpaca wool & nylon is just perfect for socks.


You’d be hard-pressed finding a better quality cotton than Pima, thanks in part to the ideal growing conditions it grows in. Harvested by hand, it’s not only eco-friendly, but the harvesting and production process ensures a more durable, silkier fiber.


Pima’s extra-long fibers are responsible for the cotton’s versatility and super smooth hand-feel: the longer the fiber, the smoother the cotton and less inclined it is to pill. it’s also hypoallergenic and super absorbent, making it great for sensitive skin.


All our Merino Wools are sourced from fibre production in Australia. Extra-fine (19.5 micron) fibres are used for all our New Merino Yarns. 

None of our types have been sourced from farms that employ the Mulesing system.

The farms involved take particular care to ensure that the animals are well kept, that the grading is of the very highest standard and that the land is sustained in an environmental way.


Merino & Silk Blends

Merino with Silk creates smooth and silky yarns with a unique lustre.

Mulberry silk is very fine and long and produces merino/silk yarns that shimmer in the light. 

Tussah silk is flatter and thicker than mulberry silk and gives a unique pearly sheen and crinkly texture to our merino/tussah silk yarns. These yarns have a beautiful pearly lustre.

We also have a variety of merino & nylon and for a special touch of luxury merino with cashmere.



We like to offer a bit of variety from our regular bases above. Over the coming months there will be yarns from UK Blue-faced Leicester to Camel... yes we will be showcasing some baby-camel yarn.


We love animals so all our yarns come from a specialist provider who cares about their welfare just as much as we do.