Operation: Zebra
Operation: Zebra

Operation: Zebra

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NUMBERS ARE LIMITED to be able to manage dyeing to order with our other commitments.

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This listing is for the Black & White, the second image shows the full collection.

I wanted to create something that illustated how far I have come since my conditions took over in 2013 I have come a long way since then! my life was very black & white for a long time and now it is full of colour but acceptance of being a Zebra has been instrumental in my renewed sense of self.

Please choose from the options below, the yarn shown is in DK.

Please choose from the following options:

Zebra 4PLY - 75% Extra-Fine Merino / 25% Nylon (400m/100g)

Zebra DK - 100% Extra Fine Merino (200m/100g)

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