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Password to enter is YES - but please read the below information. Updated June

We have recently moved the studio is up and running and we are dyeing lots of pretty things for you But… I only have a temporary WiFi solution until the 15th, so I am still somewhat limited with my technical gadgets :) but I can print order slips. Any day now I shall be doing a full stock check and adding new yarn but for now, we have launched our summer boxes which will ship early next month! They are going to be bright fun and fantastic they are very limited so if you want one please jump in - just search summer to find them or look on the front page of the website

Thank you for being so supportive of my small business and sorry for the inconvenience caused

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Lisa x

PS: Sorry for the rubbish messages below I am struggling to find where to change this on my phone! But if you subscribe to my newsletter you know when we open and get juicy previews and discounts. I don’t spam quite the opposite I only send emails once a month, when there are updates to the store or when I have a sale which is four times per year Thank you for coming to my TED talk x

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