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Temporarily closed the pre-orders on the main yarns as we want to be sure we manage our workload. If we complete the current orders by the end of the weekend we will re-open.

You can still order the gift box as we will be making enough yarn for those. You can also order stitch markers and penguin pins as we have made these already.

Thank you for being amazing!


20% of all sales  (excluding delivery) of all items shown here goes directly to Ehlers Danlos UK from now until the end of March

Hello 👋

I am joining a number of Dyers & Creators launching various products to raise funds for their favourite charities.

I have created three colourways 20% of the takings will be going to EhlersDanlos U.K. one of three medical conditions I cohabit my body with. They believe nobody should left to fight this alone and I quite agree.

The Yarns are called

Zebra: Black & White Yarn

Level the field: This is the Zebra Yarn with a splash of colour illustrating my personal journey and that together the world is a better place

Have you Tried Yoga - By Popular demand of ny fellow Zebras on Instagram!

Both Level the Field and Have you Tried Yoga are dyed in a three step process to add depth and complexity much like my fellow Zebras.


So why the Zebra? Read on 🙃 this is from the Ehlers Danlos UK  website When you hear the sound of hooves, think horses, not zebras.” This phrase is taught to medical students throughout their training.

In medicine, the term “zebra” is used in reference to a rare disease or condition.  Doctors are taught to assume that the simplest explanation is usually correct to avoid patients being misdiagnosed with rare illnesses.  Doctors learn to expect common conditions.

But many medical professionals seem to forget that “zebras” DO exist and so getting a diagnosis and treatment can be more difficult for sufferers of rare conditions.  Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is considered a rare condition and so EDS sufferers are known as medical zebras.  This identity has now been adopted across the world through social media to help bring our community together.

Thank you for taking part and please do share our images and details of your purchases on social media the more people who find out about EDS the better!

Love a Zebra X disguised as a Penguin

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