Autumn Leaves  -100g/200m DK: 100% Luxury PIMA Cotton
Autumn Leaves  -100g/200m DK: 100% Luxury PIMA Cotton

Autumn Leaves -100g/200m DK: 100% Luxury PIMA Cotton

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This stunning cotton DK yarn is ideal for your next project. Expertly dyed by hand this cotton is perfect for everything from summer tops to face scrubbies. The yarn itself is smooth it is a dream to knit and crochet with as it glides on the needles or hook.

This unique yarn transforms with each skein, as you turn it into cake and then again when you knit or crochet. Inspired by my childhood memories of long walks through the woods with my mum in autumn, the colours beneath our feet stand out against the grey sky above. The silky, shiny appeal of the yarn almost gives it a metallic look. Dyeing the cotton in this way makes it so no two skeins are quite the same, with lighter hues from the top fading and blending to the darker shades at the bottom. This yarn is from the top of the pot and is aptly called Autumn Leaves, representing the leaves that have turned with autumn and are ready to fall to the ground, the leaves that make the canopy of the wood or forest mixing and melding their colours together with the sky above

Due to the way cotton yarn is dyed there is more variations between skeins, if needing more than one for your project simply change every few rows

100g/200m 100% PIMA Cotton

About Made By Penguins

Made By Penguins Yarns are an artisanal product, created with love and care by maker Lisa-Lou in her Made by Penguins Studio in Hampshire. Hand-dyed in small batches, there may be some variation between skeins.

Cotton is always seen as a cheaper alternative to wool based yarn, however it is a product that takes much longer to dye and requires a lot more work than merino yarn. Catch up with me on instagram to find out how it is dyed and see the love and care that goes into every skien.

To ensure you purchase enough for your project, contact When washing your finished product, follow the care guidelines.