Olive Tree - Luxury Cotton & Organic Linen (4ply)
Olive Tree - Luxury Cotton & Organic Linen (4ply)

Olive Tree - Luxury Cotton & Organic Linen (4ply)

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60% Cotton & 40% Organic Linen
Approx 100g/350m
Linen is known for its moisture absorbing and releasing properties, giving it a lovely cool, crisp feel in hot weather.
This linen and organic cotton mix has a lovely matt finish and fabulous drape for warm weather items. Perfect for lightweight summer accessories, cardigans and oversized jumpers.
Just like linen shirts this yarn does tend to "crinkle" when drying making it very difficult to photograph, but its lovely to use any slight kinks crochet or knit straight out. Some of the yarns sent will have been "re-hanked" as shown in the third image. This can make the yarn look very different, the images above are all of the same yarn before and after to demonstrate. Due to the way this yarn has been dyed and the nature of the raw materials (the yarn itself is a natural light brown colour which varies) differences are to be expected, you are advised if purchasing more than one to change between hanks every 2-3 rows.
Ready to Ship
We recommend: 3-3.5m hook or needles
Remember if your making amiguruimi its always recommended to go down a hook size!
We always recommend that you buy all you need for a project at the same time. Whilst we follow recipes for each of our colour-ways the nature of Hand-Dyed means variations between Dye lots are much more noticeable than when yarns are all dyed at the same time.
Happy customers make happy Penguins, just ask if you have any questions - we are happy to help